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VETaxi and our White Glove Program attended the Clean Cities Odyssey day at West Hills Center of the Community College of Allegheny College on October 17, 2014 .  The program that features a variety of  Alternative Fuels Training Consortium, a program of West Virginia University funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), happens every two years.

The events national help to educate fleet managers, municipalities, corporations, and others about alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.  This event is very important to showcase the variety of products that are being fueled by alternative energy. VETaxi brought the MV1 fueled by CNG and our Tesla ran on electricity.

Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities is hosted  their Odyssey Day every year in October. Senator Robert Casey Jr. was in attendance to see the importance that Pennsylvania has on the presence of natural gas and technology.  Many students from the campus were able to see the technology they are leaning about as well. 

Madonna Long, Public Relations for VETaxi, Veteran Driver Anthony McNutt and Stephen R. Madsen Project Manager attended the event.  This years theme was The Theme for the event was "A Pathway to Energy Independence" and many different vendors were in attendance who  sell and install all types of alternative fuel.

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