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VETaxi Blog  1/4/2014

Although I hate government regulation in the wrong places as well as poor taxi service in Pittsburgh, be VERY careful of unregulated car services such as "app" dispatching via Uber or Lyft. Both organizations are beginning to enter the Pittsburgh region.

August Wilson uses jitneys as the basis for a great story background for live theater. But in PA it is still illegal either as a passenger or a driver, with or without an "app", to solicit a shared ride for $$$ without certification.

Why not give VETaxi a try with a Veteran as your driver of a 100% CNG fueled vehicle that transports 3 persons plus a 4th in their own mobility/wheel chair. http://www.vetaxi.com/vetaxi-app  Now that's a respecting trifecta -- those who served, low carbon footprint, people with disabilities.

How much urban transportation risk can you handle?  CLICK HERE FOR LINK

Chuck Half  Manager - Projects & Productivity  @VETaxi

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