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VETaxi starts with a twist as this vehicle is all about universal accessibility. At first blush, the MV-1 looks like a cross between a minivan and an SUV or similar to the London Taxi Cab meets a Range Rover—but its real secret is under the skin. “It’s been called a minivan, SUV, truck, para-transit vehicle, and a bus.

The VETaxi Limo & Town Car is an MV-1, which stands for the first mobility vehicle. This ADA-compliant vehicles in the marketplace. “It’s a smooth ride, with a tight turning radius, and SUV-like handling. An SUV would probably be our closest competitor, but the MV-1 is a lot easier to get in and out of no matter if you use a mobility product (wheelchair, power wheelchair or scooter), this car can handle all your needs.”

Now don’t just think this car is for those persons who use wheelchairs because it can seat 4 people with comfort. Or, for the Big Tall Guys who want leg room, the VETaxi MV1 is a very comforting ride to stretch. Most VETaxi MV1 are ran on CNG. So hop in and take a ride on the MV1 side.mv1 town black

Featuring the electric ramp rolls out on the side to easily allow a person in a wheelchair, scooter, or other mobility-assisted device to enter the vehicle and comfortably lock in the front passenger position. In the rear are three passenger seats and a jump seat behind the driver to seat four. Behind those seats is storage space for up to eight suitcases and other cargo. Because it doesn’t have the look of a “traditional” mobility vehicle, it turns heads for its sharp styling more than its function.

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