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How Veterans’ Taxi uses natural gas to employ American veterans
If anyone knows that every expense must be scrutinized to ensure the biggest bang for the buck,
it’s a small business owner. For companies with vehicle fleets, every refueling stop has an impact
on the bottom line and managing the fuel budget is critical for continued growth. Despite the
challenge of fluctuating fuel prices, there is an option that’s more affordable, cleaner and
costs about $2.00 at the pump. That option is natural gas.

With the price of regular gasoline continuing to hover around $3.50 - $4.00 per gallon, 
the owner of Veterans’ Taxi in Pittsburgh, Bob DeLucia, went looking for a more affordable
solution for his business.
Bob spent more than three years planning his business – a taxi fleet that employs veterans as
drivers. Yet, with the rising cost of fuel, he was almost forced to abandon his plans. But before
he did, Bob realized he could save on his fueling costs - more than $93,000 across his
fleet – just by using vehicles powered by clean, domestic, compressed natural gas (CNG).
Now, Veterans’ Taxi has 21 CNG vehicles in its fleet, each with a range of 290 miles, and
the company has ordered an additional eight.
“CNG is the future the way I see it,” DeLucia said. “Using natural gas is very rewarding. 
It allows me to expand the use of American fuel with American drivers.”
Not only does Bob see the economic benefits of natural gas vehicles, he also recognizes 
the environmental benefits. By using more natural gas, between May 2012 and June 2013,
Bob has reduced his fleet’s carbon monoxide emissions by 7,518 pounds and reduced
NOx emissions by 1,144 pounds.
Bob credits affordable natural gas with his company’s success and its planned expansion
to other cities, including Bakersville and Ft. Myers in Florida, Kansas City in Kansas, and Detroit,
San Diego, San Francisco and St. Louis.
The benefits extend beyond the environment and growing the business. It’s also enabling 
Bob to hire more of America’s veterans as drivers. Driver and Navy veteran Nicolas Bloom says,
“Veterans’ Taxi has provided me with a good income and an opportunity to work with fellow veterans
on a daily basis, meet and converse with many new people, and increase my knowledge of Pittsburgh."
When a business owner like Bob can provide good jobs for veterans while also growing his 
business with a clean, domestic, affordable transportation fuel, we think that’s worth thinking about.
Mary Walker


Digital Communications Group  Porter Novelli 


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