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VETaxi Service Features Tesla

The climate is changing in Pittsburgh when it comes to upscale transportation featuring alternative fueled vehicles. The change can be seen when you notice the new VETaxi Tesla which features their new White Glove Black Car program in Pittsburgh with Tesla Sedans.

VETaxi is part of Star Transportation Group which is located in Pittsburgh. The company has branched off to add this new service throughout the greater Pittsburgh area. The VETaxi program started by CEO Robert DeLucia is modeled around Veteran Drivers with alternative fueled vehicles. The VETaxi White Glove Limo program featuring the Tesla S that are white or black and powered by electricity.

The Tesla with the Vetaxi model works well since Pittsburgh is a progressively striving to be a tech sav- vy city. Tesla has provided many supercharging sta- tions throughout the region to help increase use of the vehicle in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. VETaxi with their parent Company Star Transporta- tion Group is working to add more Tesla vehicles to their fleet. Currently the VETaxi program has three Teslas in black and white.

The VETaxi White Glove Service participates in many events to showcase the new fleet of Tesla’s and pro- moting alternative energy. VETaxi and Star Trans- portation Group participates often around Pittsburgh in Green Community Events. The Tesla showed up at Solar Fest on June 21, in Millvale, Pennsylvania at the Riverfront Park to allow the Public a firsthand view of the new vehicles. VETaxi also attended the Clean Cit- ies Electric Vehicle Parade at the airport to promote alternative fuel vehicles where they showcased the Tesla. This last week Veteran Driver Anthony McNutt brought the VETaxi Tesla to participate in the Ohio River Watershed celebration Event on September 18, 2014 at North Park. The park highlighted activities for everyone in the community and focused on their Watershed restoration efforts throughout Pennsylva- nia. If there is a green event you may see the VETaxi Tesla.

The VETaxi Program with the Tesla is turning the heads of many Pittsburghers who really want to know more about the car because of the sheik luxurious look of this sport model. Passengers can choose a black or white model with cool tinted windows. The Tesla is not the only thing Pittsburghers will notice when they see the car, the Veteran Drivers behind the wheel are dressed to the T wearing white gloves and a Bret.

Star Transportation Group has been at the fore- front of bringing alternative fuel vehicles to their fleets with 70 percent of the 160 vehicles in the fleet that run on alternative fuels which include compressed natural gas MV1 taxis and the electric Tesla.

To order and experience the White Glover Service by VETAxi anyone can email reservations@star- limo.com or phone the call center at 800-782-9172. The car costs $60 per hour, or $78 with 15 percent gratuity and a service charge and is a great experi- ence for any passengers in Pittsburgh on business, staying at a hotels, a night on the town or a ride to the airport.

Employing Veterans is the center model of the VETaxi program with White Glove Service and is a great opportunity for those Veteran Drivers to ex- perience a dream job and serve the public again.

“Making a difference and changing transportation opportunities is Star Transportation goal with the VETaxi White Glove program. Which introduces alternative fuel transportation opportunities for our clients and allowing Veterans a successful ca- reer. We believe that innovation and green is an important part to this program which will allow us to improve the environment with new technology. We believe this is important in Pittsburgh”, said CEO, Robert DeLucia Sr. He believes that we are too dependent on foreign oil and he is dedicated to employing our veterans while using alternative fuel.

Provided by VETaxi

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