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On Monday August 5th 2013 The Pittsburgh Social Exhange held their Annual Golf Outing. VETaxi CEO Robert DeLucia Sr and Robert DeLucia Jr (Bobby) attended with the Universal Designed Limo from VETaxi, also attending as guests with VETaxi were Veterans Bob Petrogalo and William.

This event was sponsored by Pittsburgh Socal Exchange  where they dontated portions of the proceeds from the event to the Homeless Children's Education Fund.  www.homelessfund.org.  This event  was a great sucess.

Wonderful Day with the  5.3 mile walk with PA Heroes walk in Murrysville.  The VETaxi MV1 and the Tesla VETaxi White Glove Vehicles were on hand so that walkers who might get tired could have a ride.  

The weather turned out to be fine for the walkers in along the rural roads in Murrysville.  Robert DeLucia Sr, Madonna Long, Congressman Keith Rothfus, Anthony McNutt, Jim Crocci

The walked ended at the Community Park where Congressman Kieth Rothfus said a few remarks addressing the crowd and thanking the Veterans.  CEO Robert DeLucia, Sr. also brought his Jeep and drove to support the Walk and posed for a photo with his VETaxi crew with the Congressman. A great job and thank you to Andrew Stockey and Alex Jones for the extra power up the hills pushing Madonna Long from VETaxi. 

Support funds for the PA Heroes walk hekp many local veterans in Pennsylvania here at home.c Relations Advocate Madonna Long with VETAxi  up the steep inclines..Thank you to VETaxi Veteran Drivers Jim Crocci  and Anthony McNutt Army Veteran for your support and taking the time to give back. 


Operation Doug

August 9th Stage AE - Pittsburgh,Pa Doors Open at 6 PM. VETAxi was a proud supporter of this Event.  SgtDougVitalePosterSmall    

Robert DeLucia VETaxi CEO with Veteran Driver Angelo                   LT Dan Band                           Madonna Long, CEO Robert DeLucia Sr. Gary Sinise LT Dan Band

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